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Dexter leaned on the railing, too dazed to keep himself upright. He had just basically spent the whole day with Blossom on a cruise ship that literally had every attraction imaginable on it. Then, at sunset, they had gone all the way to the stern and chatted randomly while watching white foam emerge from the bottom of the enormous boat. Even though he would normally have felt neutral about most of the activities he'd done that day, Dexter felt inexplicably exuberant. Of course, he knew exactly why that was: the zest had not come from the events; rather, it had come from the person he had participated in the events with.   
"Dexter? Are you okay?"
Oh yeah; he remembered, This day hasn't ended yet.
"Yeah; just thinking." Dexter said. He stood up straighter and, suddenly struck with confidence, turned to Blossom and said, "Hey Blossom, can you recall anything bad that happened today?"
She seemed a bit surprised, since that wasn't the kind of thing her "Man of
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Fenton Thunderstorm
Loose items sitting on the dresser rattled as the top floor of the house shook weakly. Danny opened his eyes fairly quickly, yet sleep still managed to keep them from opening all the way. He stared drowsily around the room before finally realizing that the thunderstorm that had begun that evening was still rumbling on through the night. The rain pitpatted gently against the windows of the master bedroom.
Danny blinked sleepily before a bright flash of lightening lit up the room for a split second. Following hardly a second afterwards came the roaring thunder.
As a child, thunderstorms had frightened him for many years; but now, Danny had learned to enjoy the gentle pit pat of the rain and the rumbles of the clouds above. He sighed tiredly and turned onto his left side before closing his eyes again.
Beside him, his wife stirred. "Danny, are you awake?" she whispered, partially asleep.
Danny groaned weakly but did not say anything else.
"Was that thunder?"
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After being on Deviantart for a number of years, I am finally submitting journal entries.

By now, I have long since learned that actresses Phyllis Smith and Mindy Kaling, who were both on The Office as Phyllis Vance and Kelly Kapoor respectively, were also both in the movie Inside Out as Sadness and Disgust. Considering this, I have wondered what a crossover story between between The Office and Inside Out would be like. 

More specifically, what if Riley's mind operated like Dunder Mifflin? Would Michael Scott be Joy? If so, how would he direct other emotions as they piloted Riley? What specific roles would other characters from The Office have? 

P.S. The above ideas are free for anyone to use or change as they see fit.


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